Thanks to the support, talent and vision of film dude Jonathan Mancinetti and with my creative eye we have finally been able to pull together years of video footage captured using both amature and professional equipment into 2 cohesive video productions. 

The Community Collaborations video which I use in my lectures was a year long project where Jon weeded through all the old tapes that I have been dragging around with me for over 10 years from house to house and even when I lived on the road in my Dodge van and International horse van.  Thanks to Jonathan and so many other individuals we were able to show how people of all ages have helped to make Art Work for communities sake.

Click here to see the Community Collaborations video: COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS

The second video Energy Art Explosion is primarily about 4 artists that came together to exhibit for one day around Martinsburg with a Grand Finale in Shepherdstown WV at the Entler Hotel.  This particular exhibition wouldn’t have happened without the support of Martinsburg’s Mountain State University, Queen Street Gallery and the now defunct Blue House 365 and Meteor Cafe.  Thanks to Shepherdstown’s Entler Hotel where we had the Grand Finale featuring Synergy art work from the Heatwole collection.  I must also credit Jonathan Mancinetti for running all over town to capture the 4 artists on film and then joining us at the Grand Finale.  This day long series of exhibits was part of a series of ongoing shows featuring the work of various Synergists from around the nation.  To learn more about past exhibits and some of the artists that have been exhibited please visit

Click here to see the Energy Art Explosion video: ENERGY ART EXPLOSION


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