Sculpture Examples for City Square – Martinsburg WV

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The evening before this Art Stunt (April 17th) Monday April 16th I made a short presentation/proposal to an unprepared City Council.  I spoke favorably for the new City Square that cost an arm and a leg and commended all that were involved in the creation of it.  But then I moved to discussing the empty sculpture pedestal that was established to hold a future commissioned bronze monument of Gen. Adam Stephens.  Problem to that plan is that supposedly there is no representation of the General that founded our fair city.  Which I am, and many others are happy about because frankly another monument to a historical figure would not draw people to our community and that is what we need as a lot of struggling historical down towns.  I proposed that the City Council consider placing a contemporary work of art there instead, and hold a competition for the public and sculptors to participate in.   It could be a colorful kinetic abstract piece of art (example of Lee Badger’s work) or an imaginative surreal work of art made of reclaimed metal (as shown in the photo shopped piece by Scott Cawood).  It could even be an energetic abstract work of art out of stone(See example of Carl Wright’s piece)

Example 1 of 3 for City Square sculpture - Kinetic sculpture by Lee Badger

Example 2 of 3 provided to Martinsburg City Council of proposed contemporary sculpture by Scott Cawood

Example 3 of 3 of contemporary sculpture by Carl Wright provided to Martinsburg City Council

Allow the public to vote of the submissions and at the same time encourage people to take ownership of their city.  Fund the top 5 submissions to develop their ideas further and then have another public vote on the final 1.  Possibly fund the development of all of the other 4 and put them in other places in the city.

Martinsburg has many issues going against it, so on Tuesday the 17th at 8:30 in the morning, after seeing the kids off to school, I took the step forward to put the Toilet in the Square to get people talking about the future of the city and maybe bring more art into the downtown area.  Art can make it more alive, more exciting, and more welcoming.

I have been charged with Illegal Dumping which is ironic when only a year and a half prior I put together a mural that involved the community in it’s development.  The mural was of Vincent Van Gogh and was made of thousands of upcycled bottle lids.  See to see more murals of similar nature created since Van Gogh!


Three New 3-D Giclee Prints for Sale!!!

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I am happy to announce 3 new Giclee prints from my D.J. Priest series are for sale!  Contact me for purchase price and sizes.