Happy to announce the Grand Opening of my new Gallery space

For the Grand Opening the inaugural exhibition is(drum Roll please):

“Energy Beside Itself”

This is the 13th installment of an ongoing exhibition of work centered around the themes of Energy and Synergy.  The art exhibit features a variety of work by 11 American artists.

The collection of work in this exhibit revolves around the concepts of energy, synergy and the information that all life draws from.  Viewers will see how the artists have attempted to illustrate their own ideas from innerconnection and relationships to birth and flow of energy.

Heatwole explains the idea behind his ongoing exhibition: “Energy Beside Itself is the 13th show of work from the Energism and Synergim sister movements that I have curated.  This exhibit features work created in a variety of mediums and styles and is a fun and colorful show.  I have enjoyed very much working to make this show what it is.  One of the aspects of the show that I love most is that it can speak to people with eclectic taste whether you like realism or surrealism, impressionistic or expressionistic work there is a variety of work made in techniques from a variety of art movements.”

The opening is May 11th from 6:30-9pm read more about and get the address at http://www.exhibitonsartgallery.com



~ by David Heatwole on April 30, 2013.

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