Made a stink in town and nationally with a Toilet

Many people have read about my caper with the toilet in the city square here in Martinsburg, WV.   I thought I would place here in my blog a number of the links to the articles for posterity and for those that haven’t read about it.  I would like to that the City Mayor, Manager and all those involved in making my Potty Art statement that much more successful by seemingly getting bent out of shape about it.  It was nothing personal.  And you don’t own this city so why get so angry over it!  If I had broken the empty sculpture/monument stand then I could see possibly stringing me up but I was doing a somewhat harmless little statement about how creativity can change the world one city at a time.,0,1046529.story–flush–out-attention.html,0,1942789.story,0,920516.story

Also seen on,,


~ by David Heatwole on April 22, 2012.

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