See a slide show work from my D.J.Priest series including some 3-D images

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~ by David Heatwole on February 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “See a slide show work from my D.J.Priest series including some 3-D images”

  1. Your art is very colorful and swirly. I’m not sure if I get the toilet thing, though. Did you put the toilet there, or just the sign or did you just steal the toilet. I live in Texas, so if I did weird things in public I would just get arrested, and Texas jails are no fun. They usually involve wearing stripes and loosing teeth. I don’t think Texas jails have nice toilets either.

    • Thanks JamCracker for the comment. Yes I wouldn’t want to be in a Texas or West Virginia jail frankly. Yes I placed the toilet it on the pedestal in the newly created city square as a statement to “put art in Martinsburg.” There was some talk behind closed doors regarding putting a clock on this pedestal when the Martinsburg City Council discovered that the plan to commission a bronze sculpture of Gen. Adam Stephens who founded our fair Town (I mean “City”) is not illustrated anywhere. In otherwise supposedly no one knows what he looks like. ANYWAY, besides this fact I believe as many do that another monument to another historical figure might not be the best thing for our community. It would not draw people to our city, and it would most likely just get lost in the background.

      I proposed the evening before this Art Stunt to the City Council that they consider placing a contemporary work of art. (See my post titled Sculpture Examples for City Square examples.) It could be a colorful kinetic abstract piece of art (example of Lee Badger’s work) or an imaginative surreal work of art made of reclaimed metal (as shown in the photo shopped piece by Scott Cawood). It could even be an energetic abstract work of art out of stone(See example of Carl Wright’s piece)

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