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Hello guest welcome to my imagination realm!  Herein you will find various works of art that I am trying to put in order by their date of creation for my own cataloging.  You will also find some other conceptualizations that I have either proposed here or there and may still be trying to bring to fruition somewhere in the world.

One thing that you must know about me (if you must) and that is that I am not just one that believes in art for arts sake but also believe that the arts could play a roll in society like never before seen.  It is my dream to one day see my wildest ideas come to life in order to transform societies both locally and globally.  I do believe that the key to solving many of man’s ailments and ongoing problems are stored in the imagainations of the artisans, they just need a great marketing team to make them work for society.  I want to be part of assembling this marketing team (of sorts).  You may think this is to far out, but I have to say isn’t it far out that the most creative society in the world still thinks that throwing glorified rocks at enemys will solve the problems?  Why isn’t the imagination being used to come up with really far out ideas to battle wars, to make a dent in poverty and hunger.  I, for one, am an artist stuck painting these ideas/concepts to those who already have their mind up.  I am having to teach and I am not a teacher.  I am one that sees potential and want to keep sharing this potential with others and collectively/synergistically work with others that have talents that I do not have to make these things come to life.

For now I will have to hope that someone is reading this and getting something/anything from my work.  To really see more about my mission please go to http://www.artscollaborative.org and http://www.masterpieceartkits.com

Thanks for visiting.

Artfully Yours,



~ by David Heatwole on December 24, 2009.

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