West Virginia Art Education Association Conference

The following was printed and posted online for art educators or West Virginia who were attending the West Virginia Arts Education Assocation Annual Conference.
WVAEA 2008 Conference was held this year at the Newly constructed Contemporary Art Center at Shepherd University.

ACT . . . creating transitions within the themes of art, community, and twenty-first century skills.

Our conference this year focuses on the trilogy of Art, Community, and the ever important Twenty-first Theme of technology, communication and critical thinking skills or “ ACT.”   WVAEA will bring these three themes together to transpire art education beyond the classroom walls. Serving the Arts this year we will offer twenty-five workshops. Our expert on community involvement is David Heatwole, Editor-in-Chief of the Main Artery, http://www.THEMAINARTERY.com, Creator of TAC; Transcendental Arts Council, whose mission statement is “To change the way . . . Art Works! To unite and transform society by promoting the arts and community projects.”  David is working with a new project idea “Put a Lid on it” using plastic lids and recycled items that can create greener art. Sharing ideas on the twenty first century is a group call Visual Thinking Skills or VTS http://www.visualthinkingstrategies.org with the latest research in art education developed in coordination with MOMA and Harvard.
Shepherd’s is pleased to share its new facility. Located on West Campus, the CCA was designed to fit in with the natural surroundings with its roofline which mimics the rolling mountains visible in the distance. Phase one of the three part venture houses painting studio, drawing. Soon to be started, the next phases of the CCA will provide shared academic, performance, and production spaces and increase the opportunities for creative interaction between faculty, students, artists, actors, directors, designers, photographers and playwrights.
Don’t miss out. Plan to attend this professional development for West Virginia’s art educators. Each day promises to be filled with “AHA” moments.  And remember to attend the Art Auction and Banquet Friday Night at the Clarion. More good news! Lunch will be provided for Saturday’s general meeting and keynote speaker, David Heatwole

~ by David Heatwole on February 2, 2009.

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