This was something that I wrote for a show that i curated.

Arts & Humanities Alliance of Jefferson County, WV – [Cached Version]
Published on: 3/31/2006 Last Visited: 3/8/2008
David Heatwole, editor of The Main ARTery, will curate an art show dedicated to animals, October 7 – November 30, at the Charles Town Visitors Center/Fire Hall Gallery, 108 N. George Street in Charles Town, West Virginia.

Regardless, man and beast, in my opinion, are the greatest examples of God’s creativity,” Heatwole explains.”You cannot have an exhibit of art related to animals, without having humans being involved in the process of creating and appreciating.For a year and a half, since I started The Main ARTery publication, I have had the desire to have an issue related to animals and how people appreciate animals.I thought that it would also be good to have an art exhibit related to animals.”

Besides Heatwole showing pieces from his personal art collection, artists involved in the exhibit include photographers Kirsten Lee (specializing in horse photography), and Rip Smith; painters Dave Curtis, Wesley Floyd, James Shumate, and Earl Tester; Dana Wright (painter and digital artist); Timothy E. Larson (digital artist), and Phyllis Alden (painter and rug maker).

From the creation of communities to the manipulation of chemicals, as we strive to create perfect things, we must remember that our creativity is still far from perfect,” Heatwole said.


~ by David Heatwole on February 2, 2009.

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