So there was another race to be the U.S. President, and yes once again the U.S. was in a flurry of activity.  Active supporters out campaigning on behalf of a sole “miracle” worker, one who promises to make all the differences and changes if you vote for him (or her).  We cannot fall for these talking heads that blow smoke up our arses!

The only thing that saved this race for me was being able to write in one man on my ballot.  This man is not perfect and didn’t try to paint a picture that he is, but he was unwavering on the truth of unique American situation.  He didn’t focus on making people feel good, nor did he get people all ralied up around an issue that cannot be solved by one man.   That man that i proudly voted for is Congressman Ron Paul and for the first time in my history of voting I believed in what I was voting for –  not a man but the truth and the correct causes.

In my opinion if you voted for Obama or McCain then you fell for the lie that has been painted well for us.  THAT WAS WHAT THE TWO PARTIES WANTED YOU TO DO.  Why do you think that there were no other parties to vote from – people voting didn’t see any other names to vote for so most of them probably only voted for one of the two choices.

Admittingly, I am glad that Obama won over the only other choice set before us and i will give him the chance to do something great but not with my vote.  He wasn’t really saying anything new or different to address what is really happening in the world.  He is smart, young and vivacious and it will be interesting to see him do his thing and let’s hope it is the right thing done in the interest of the country.

The fight for change, REAL CHANGE cannot stop.  TAKE THE GOVERNMENT BACK from the corporations and those who would rule over us.  WAKE UP WORLD!  Don’t be a donkey or a elephant be free.

Want to see a great video that is so different from Obama and McCain click here and stick with it.  Then if you want to see more click on the great video in my Politics link over there on the right of the screen.


~ by David Heatwole on November 5, 2008.

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