Part 1 of the Energy Art Explosion video

A couple years ago I organized a series of exhibits that took place all around Martinsburg West Virginia for one day along with a grand finale at the historic Entler Hotel in Shepherdston.  The exhibitors were Jim Isakson from Michigan who exhibited at Queen Street Gallery, Elliot LeBow from New York who exhibited at the Meteor Cafe, Carolyn Deck from Virginia who had work at the Blue House and myself who exhibited in the commons area at Mountain State Univerty.  All of these exhibits, except for Jim Isakson’s work, took place for one day. 

The Grand Finale at the Entler Hotel in Shepherdstown featured over 30 piecees by various artists from around the nation including some pieces by each of the 3 other artists.

One of the main purposes for these exhibits was to film the artists and their work for marketing the SYNERGY Show.

Here is part of the captured video. []

WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE VIDEO?  I think you’ll like it.  Sit back and kick back your feet and see some more great art.


~ by David Heatwole on November 4, 2008.

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