Art from my College Thesis

When i went to NOVA’s Alexandria campus for art I no idea whether or not i really wanted to be an illustrator. I just wanted to make art. I also took design classes. I knew that I loved viewing good designs and I was inspired by all the design students around me. Consequently my Design class instructor told me that i was to much of an illustrator and my Illustration instructor told me that i was to much of a fine artist. Well “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE with a year until i graduate!”

With this in mind I decided, as i always seem to do, to take on the world with my Thesis. With permission from my Illustration teacher I started early in fact half a year early so that i could create the best thesis possible. Still looking back on it I wonder “WHAT THE HELL…”

In the slide show below you will see some studies of skeletons that got me on the robotics kick and then you will see some of the robotic drawings that i completed along with a couple of other illustrations which were key to the big plan. I will update the photos and thought processes as i locate them to this part of my artistic journey/blog. I hope you enjoy and will subscribe to my blog so that when i make an update you can get an automatic notice of the change.

I do know that there will be a “sculpure of a robotic teapot that I built and posed for a photograph created by David Shelby. David was my boss at the time and ended up being a great friend, partner in the art making process and supporter for my own fine art. (Thanks SHELMAN) I also know that there are a couple more robotic pieces and some drawings that I will update this blog with soon.


~ by David Heatwole on October 15, 2008.

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