Palettes as community collaborations

In Martinsburg 2006 a community project was developed whereas artists get a 4′ sized palette to transform into a work of art.  To help start this off with a bang I created 3 different creations one per each of my pen names and their styles.

The first one by David Johnson was titled “Flies in Flight” and was a mixed media creation.  My description for the palette:

“For feowertiene niht I fought and fretted over foliage and feathery clouds to make them fortifications against the flies a flight in Martinsburg.”

The next one was myself David Heatwole and was also made with charcoal and oils.  The title “The Great Decision”.  This palette was created using a technique that I developed whereas the art making process is totally automatic and the images were there already.  I just brought them more to life.

The third palette was by D.J. Priest and was made out of spray foam and oil paints.  This was a very interesting experiment because When I started the project I had no idea what was going to be painted on it.  When I started actually painting Christ I found that all of the foam was already perfectly placed for Jesus’ face.  There was a line of foam going down (or up) right where his nose was and then a small valley leading up to a hill of foam where the cheek bone was to be, the lips were perfectly located and positioned as well.  Try tracing the facial features yourself and you will see what i had to work with that was already devinely placed.  What you can’t see here at this time is the final piece.  I have missplaced the photo of the final.  This stage shows Jesus more vividly than the final abstraction allows.  The installation was completed with help from Smootz landscaping that donated for the two installations enough stone blocks and the man power to position them so that there were pillars holding up a church roof that held this down centered below the orthodox roof and dome.  It was a really fun project to create.  It was the most ambitious of palettes and was positioned in from of the Martinsburg Library.


~ by David Heatwole on June 4, 2006.

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