The Dawning

The Dawning is another piece having to do with my personal faith in God and being part of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Church. This piece has to do with finding my wife and at the same time finally finding what I was always looking for regarding “churches and organized religion.”  At the same time symbolizing the death of what was my constant search for my soul mate because when I done looking I found both GOD and my wife Dawn.  And it was at that time the Dawning of a new day for me.  The umbrella symbolizes the gift of the Holy Spirit and how with him in you you have protection from the reign of destruction (internal sin and the sins affecting the world around us) and that you belong to God. I truly began to understand this with the first large community collaboration project created with my old high school Turner Ashby and the students there. It was called The Umbrella Offering. More about that can be seen at

It is an acrylic painting that is approximately 40″ x 40″. I sold it years ago in a solo show at the Artist’s Gallery in Frederick Maryland to a married couple. Sad thing is that years after the couple purchased it, I was contacted by the widow who offered it back to me for a price which I could not afford at the time. I told her where she could take it for auction. I think it sold for a steal at $100. She and her husband bought two pieces and this was the one that he wanted. I have attached a second image so you can see how the painting first started out. It was to morbid that way so I changed it to subject matters that i already used in my work.Image



~ by David Heatwole on May 10, 2003.

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